PictionaryAn online team vs. team drawing and guessing game (4+ Players)
Meme MatchCompetative memory online, with moving cards, ducks, and memes (2+ Players)
Manager SimulatorPretend to be a manager and maximize impact in a 1v1 online card game (2 Players)
ClueA two-player puzzle game in which one player is the murderer and the other is the detective, entirely in one room (2 Players Locally)
CrampedA puzzle platformer where you first build the level, then play it (1 Player)
TempusA platformer where you use your power of time control to reach the finish (1 Player)
UnderMy first game in Java, in which you play as a frog searching for treasure (1 Player)
Point Line Duality DemoVisualize the surprising relationships between points and their dual lines.
Pretty GridA helpful tool for quickly visiualizing points, segments, circles, and polygons
Convex HullInteractive Convex Hull display
Balance RingA brute forcer to help debug the hardest problem in the 2022 Meta Hacker Cup Finals
ZeroA personal assistant integrated with Codeforces, Phillips Hue, and Youtube Music. Still in development.